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In both business and private matters it is important that you have the right insurance cover. Wrong or inadequate protection can lead to dreadful consequences, thus the right advice makes all the difference and prevents costly mistakes. An insurance broker is a specialist in insurance protection, is independent and has invaluable know-how of the insurance market as well as access to the most reputable insurers available to provide professional and objective advice on identifying and exposing risks and recommend the most cost effective solutions.

No, notwithstanding the fact that both are insurance intermediaries, there is a big difference between the two. Whereas an insurance agent acts on behalf of one or more insurance companies and can only access the products offered by the insurers the agent represents, an insurance broker is a full-time insurance professional, who works for you and acts on your behalf. The broker is independent, obliged to act in your best interests and can arrange the best protection for you at a competitive rate

Whether it is a car, home, factory, warehouse or your own life, DON’T UNDERINSURE. Estimate the value of your possessions and update your inventory at least once a year. If the value of your possessions is greater than the amount of contents coverage specified in your policy, have it changed accordingly. If you need guidance on how to do it correctly, please contact us to let one of our experts to help you out with this.

No, not all insurance policies are created equal.

Insurance policies can be very complex, and the cheapest policy will not always meet all of your needs. Sometimes, what is left out of a policy is as important as what is included, and the cheapest option may exclude or omit a risk that you can't afford to carry yourself. Interpreting the terms of the policy is part of your broker's role and you should listen to their advice as you would to a professional such as a doctor or a lawyer. Although policy cost will always be a factor, ensuring you have the right cover in place when it comes the time to make a claim is vital and our top priority.

A change of circumstances may mean the insurance you have in place is no longer current, inadequate or excluded from cover. It may be that your circumstances change in a way that means your risk is reduced and you're paying too much, or that your risk is increased and you're exposed to uninsured losses. Either way, advising your broker of your changes will allow them to review your insurances and ensure your policies remain relevant. Some examples of a change in circumstance is a marriage, birth of a child, change in income, business expansion etc

Brokers give advice and assist you in compiling and submitting your claim to the insurer. They arrange for a claim form to be completed by you, monitor the claim process and liaise between you and the insurer to bring it to a successful resolution.

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